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This session will focus on providing key principles in crafting a sound scientific abstracts. Aspirant researchers, programmers and scholars are invited to join this session.

Namibia's Strategic Framework for HIV/AIDS is ending in March 2017, hence the Ministry of Health and Social Services commenced with the End Term Review for the NSF. The aim of this session will be to share the findings of the End Term Review.

Introduction to dashboard for pharmaceutical and ART services: The session will demonstrate an electronic data base that records systematically analyses and presents performance on pharmaceutical management at different levels.

The aim of this session is to equip workshop participants in understanding their local epidemics and developing key intervention packages to target the “right people at right places (epidemic hotspots in their respective areas) with the right service packages. A tool on how to do the latter will be shared in this session.

Health risks of employees have a direct impact on absenteeism, death and disability rates in a company. They influence staff performance and productivity levels and can lead to higher staff turnovers

Companies often lack the hard figures that allow comparisons between the actual costs of health risks with the savings through targeted employee workplace programmes (EWP).

This web based tool assists companies to calculate the financial impact of health risks and diseases on a company and at the same time projecting the potential savings and cost-benefit that could be accrued from interventions.

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