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Presentations Day 2

The 90-90-90 targets: How far are we in terms of VL Monitoring by Karin Husselmann Antiretroviral Treatment in the Private Sector of Namibia by Dr. D. Pereko and Dr. L. Kahindi Assessment of the World Health Organization ealy warning indicators of HIV drug resistance in Namibia, 2016 Community-based CD4 cell count distributions among HIV positive, Art-naive adults in the highest prevalence region of Namibia by Manza Agovi, PhD Comporable 12-month incidence of renal insufficiency in MDR-TB patients treated with standard kanamycin-based regimens A cross-sectional study of hepatitis B virus infection in HIV-infected children in Katutura Hospital by Dr. Laura Brandt Evaluation of ART in reducing early infant HIV transmission in Namibia by N. Mutenda (MoHSS) HIV related deaths and modifiable factors: A descriptive study of medical by Dr. Mgori NK-MD, MMED HIV-1 drug resistance pattern among patients suspected of failing 2nd line antiretroviral therapy in Namibia How close to 90-90-90? Prevalence of non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) among presumptive TB cases in Namibia Starting ART after 6 months of age is associated with severe stunting in HIV-infected children attending IHK paediatric by Dr. Laura Brandt Structured anti-retroviral treatment interruptions in vertically HIV-1 infected children with complete proviral DNA PCR Trekking the Journey along the HIV cascade: Trends in Transition Times from HIV Diagnosis to enroll in care and ART initiation Namibia 2003 - 2015 Updated onthe Namibian HIV Treat All Pilot: Why and How Far have we gone?
Assessing the safety of antiretroviral, anti-TB and other related medicines in Namibia using pharmacovigilance data Assessment of facility readiness to provide integrated services for HIV and TB in Namibia by Ms. Helena Mungunda (MoHSS) Assessment of Intensified Case Finding and Isoniazid Preventative THerapy at Health Facilities Providing HIV Care and Treatment Services in Namibia by Ms. Helena Mungunda (MoHSS) Assessment of Uptake of Antiretroviral Theraphy among HIV-infected TB Patients in Namibia by Ms. Helena Mungunda (MoHSS) Attaining and Maintaining Diligence in IPT Administration Luderitz Hospital Community Based ART (CBART) Refills show Neneficial Outcomes for Support Group Members through Improved Productivity, Monetary Relief and Improved Adherence by Friedel L. Dausab (Project HOPE Namibia) CHWs Commitment for TB Care results in Initiatives to Improve the Quality of HIV Care for Adults in IPT Initiation and Retention by Lisa Petersen Decentralization of HIV Care and Treatment to Clinics through NIMART by Shirley Geza (R/N, Nurse Mentor Onandjokwe) Decentralization of ART Services to Wanahenda Clinic, Windhoek by Sylvia Ashikoto (I-TECH), V. Uugwanga and Martha Manvwali (MoHSS) Evaluating patient education and empowerment to improve patient-provider interactions in antiretroviral therapy clinics in Namibia Improving Linkage of HIV exposed Infants to Care at NAU AIB Clinic Okahandja by Marvellous B. Kahlamba (HIV Expert Nurse, Okahandja) The lived experiences and coping strategies of HIV/AIDS patients that defaulted the antiretroviral treatment (ART) at Oshakati Intermediate Hospital in Oshana Region by Oscah Mahoso (Ondangwa Commercial College) Measuring adherence to antiretroviral treatment (ART) using routine Patient Attendance visit and Medicine Coverage Data in Namibia: A National Survey and Implications Nutrition Assessment at Katutura Paediatric Communicable Disease Clinic by S. Mambo (HIV Expert Nurse, I-TECH), N. Maphosa, MO. (MoHSS) and J. Uises, EN. (MoHSS) Okongo Community-based ART model in Ohangwena by Dr. Jacques Kamangu (Regional Clinical Mentor Ohangena, DSP/MoHSS) Results of the First Mass Screening Campaign for Tuberculosis in the Namibia Correctional Service by Ms. T. Auala Results of the 2nd Nationalwide anti-tuberculosis Drug Resistance Survey 2014 - 2015 Strengthening PLHIV Support Groups with Adherence and Retention Counsellors to Address the Barries to Testing, Care and Adherence: Kavango, Zambezi and Ohangwena Strengthening Community Adherence Support Groups (CASGs) with expert peer facilitators and lay counselors to deliver adherence support services to PLHIV in Ohangwena, Kavango and Zambezi by Friedel L. Dausab (Project HOPE Namibia) Structured tracing of lost-to-follow up ART Clients: A recent program experience by Dawit A. Tsegaye (MD, MPH Project HOPE Namibia) TB screening in Police Holding Cells offrs an entry point for HTC and HIV Care: Experience from Engela District in Ohangwena Region by Sakaria Nehale (TB/HIV District Coordinator)

Presentations Day 3

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