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Namibia has achieved significant milestones with 50% reduction in HIV incidence and AIDS related mortality over the years. However new infections are not declining as expected and service coverage remain a challenge; especially in underserved communities. To accelerate efforts towards ending HIV in Namibia the HIV programme aims to bring all stakeholders including political leaders, public figures and technical experts to reflect on the comprehensive responses so far and collectively envision the future towards ending HIV in Namibia by 2030.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) in collaboration with all stakeholders will conduct the first ever National AIDS conference for Namibia from the 28th November- 30 November 2016 under the theme: “TOGETHER WE ARE ENDING AIDS IN NAMIBIA”.



The conference aims to establish consensus and common action by all stakeholders to end HIV in Namibia by 2030 using the best available science and public health approaches.


Objectives of the Conference are to:

  • Bring together all stakeholders in Namibia to advance knowledge about HIV, present new research findings, promote and enhance scientific and community collaborations and share best practices.
  • Promote HIV responses that are supported by and tailored to the needs of people living with HIV and at risk populations.
  • Reinvigorate partnerships with faith-based groups, the community, the private sector and learning institutions to strengthen HIV prevention, treatment and mitigation efforts.
  • Promote and harness financial and political support for a sustainable domestic financing of the HIV response.
  • Reach out to the youth with messages on HIV prevention and treatment.

Conference Hosts: