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The conference venue is a beautiful seaside town on Namibia’s west coast is an oasis in the Namib Desert. About 300 km to the east of the capital Windhoek it lays wedged between the massive dunes and the icy Atlantic Ocean. Founded in 1892 by a German ship captain it lies at the mouth of the muddy Swakop River.

Today this picturesque town has been described as more German than Germany itself with historic buildings and colonial relics such as the ‘AlteKaserne’ (old barracks) or the ‘Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht’ (state house). Besides these witnesses of its German past the seaside resort with its beautiful promenade has added attractions for the more adventurous traveller. The gigantic dunes along the coast present opportunities for some fast and furious fun. The ocean offers its wild life and waves and the blue cloudless skies are perfect for flying of all kinds.

The more culturally inclined can browse the boutiques and book shops. The historic buildings and museums will provide a view into the colonial life of the past and insight into the nature that surrounds the town.

Swakop, as it is affectionately known, is the tourist Mecca of Namibia and will offer days of activities for the children of all ages. But above all, Swakopmund with its mild days, character and coffee shops will provide an ideal get-away for those that need rest, healing of the soul and some excellent German pastries.

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